Thursday, August 10, 2006

1:1 with manager

Ching Yee, my intern manager, gave me a good 1:1 with me today.

And well at first I thought it was good news, till she read out the second agenda...and so forth:

"be firm - dont say things without confidence. Make people trust your proposal...assume resposibility - have confidence and volunteer yourself. Don't be intimidated.

"don't say only...but do as well. Show the actions."

"you can enjoy, but not too much. You need to know the corporate needs and fulfill it too."

"don't be a bystander, but volunteer yourself in assuming do not need to be told to do a task, raise up your hand! and say you gonna do this and that....and voice your opinions. Don't let anyone stop you. Remember Intel's value: 'Embrace change and challenge the status quo' which means challenge anybody, don't be afraid if you think you're right."

"learn, you're still young, you can do anything...give confidence to others that they can trust in you, such as a developer role, you can probably learn those programming languages yourself and remember: learn fast."

"At first you came to office with high motivation, but gradually you have less confidence and got intimidated. Bucked up..."

And asking her about the positives:
"like I told you to attend the meetings and be more serious about it, you've changed the next day, which was excellent."

"well there are..." (less on the positive...)

Lots of cannons flying, but I accept them...willingness to change for the better, so said.

It was like a FOCAL(year end performance review). They really take interns as if we are real employees @.@

There was much I couldn't recall now.

Intel...not an easy place to work brother...

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