Saturday, July 09, 2011

Back after all that..

After all that that have happened recently. Through that recovery, that reflection, I am finally ready to blog again.

It wasn't easy going through to the point of where I am now. Yet, I miss blogging and would love to note down what matters most in my life. I miss the part that it helped me improved my writing, to help me refocus and to understand my thoughts/feelings inside of me, and how it inspires other who read them.

It is time for a reopening of the blog. Not gonna make it grand, just something simple for me to write on. Using Blogger's template and hmm.. it isn't that bad. Looks simple and nice.

Will update when I feel like it. I thank you for taking your time to read. Feel free to jot down any comments that you wish to and I shall reply. Flames and any signs of disrespect shall not be tolerated. Learn to be an adult to express your views even if you're not happy bout something.

I felt I have changed much once more.. and it shall be proven in the coming blog posts.

Cya soon bloggie... =)

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