Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bersih 2.0 - 9th July 2011

A lot of stuffs came out in my mind as the date for the said title passed.

It made me a lot prouder to be a Malaysian than ever before.

Seeing that unity being spark by those people that was being oppressed by the police at the streets during the demonstration, gave me the hope that truly we Malaysians still care for each other regardless of race, political belief, religion etc.

When you walk pass the streets seeing another person, regardless they are Chinese, Indians or Malay.. suddenly you felt all the racial sentiments were all being melted away. Coz we finally saw what the current government is capable of, what they showed us on 9th July 2011. How cruel and oppressive they could be. Most of our minds now are united against such a thing. We wanna change, change all these nonsense that is being manipulate d by them in order to secure votes. One of the biggest thing that they always play out well is racial sentiment. And it is clear we are all gonna stand up to that. Not only that, but more people will definitely stand up against their corruption, their abuse of power, their control of the media, oppression of every other voice that is against them (includ. the opposition), lies, and much more. Enough of the 50 years rule. We really had enough this time. It's time to say "Stop, you've governed long enough. It's time for someone else to take over and showed us what you REALLY did to this country. It's time to give the likes of PKR a chance to administer this country. It's time for democracy to really prove itself and make a major change to the current system."

It is a big day for the democracy and Rakyat of Malaysia. We all learnt something that day. We learnt what we Malaysians are truly capable of. We saw with our own two eyes all over the internet what BN is capable of doing and hiding.

It won't be long before this ruling coalition is finally toppled. All of us shall cheer for the victory of freedom and justice at that time.

God bless Malaysia.

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Kian Fai said...

I have 20% same of this feeling. And we know what happen in Malaysia.

Even other country of Media also telling the truth. The whole world is watching our leaders tell lies . . . that was shame!