Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some personal quotes from me...

"in life, there is nothing more important then love... without it life is meaningless."

"work... and never give up working."

"study is the door to greater things, without it you earn peanuts."

"test everything, taste everything, learn everything, as long as it is good. Enjoy it."

"suffering is normal. This life is full of it. And it never stops till the end."

"Friends can only last till a certain degree... and it could just fade away. But hey, you always meet new friends."

"enemies ruin your whole day. Good friends heal them and make them great."

"being a leader is not hard. It's how you take it and manage those under you."

"the most fulfilling thing is when you are appreciated, the most happy moments is when you have great people around you, the most joyful moments is when you know you did something good, and god have blessed you."

"cry... let it all out... but always learn to stand up again..."

"the greatest job is when you do not want to leave... you wish to stay. Because everything seems right as it is."

"every work has it's own difficulty and stress. None of it is perfect."

"you have only one family. Appreciate it regardless."

"you only have one life. Live it."

"I believe in heaven or hell... it makes perfect sense. But I am human, I fall and I rise up. But I know I can trust in God, always."

"Being tough is not being one who bullies others or doesn't allow others to pick on you. Being tough is one who can go through any obstacle and stand strong to his beliefs. That is real toughness."

"Attitude is everything of a person. Make it go bad and you start seeing reactions. People hate bad attitudes.... while a good attitude always leave a memory of that person..."

"All the girls in this world, nothing beats it when you love her and she loves you."

"Fighting solves nothing... as it takes two to start it. Maturity conquers it."

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