Saturday, June 07, 2008

Oil price...

I just reloaded my half tank kenari for RM50.92

before the price increase, it was RM30+

Tun Mahathir's blog explains why it is wrong to do so.... especially when done in such drastic manner... a 30% increase, or 1/3 of the original price. RM2.70 from the usual RM1.92 a liter

Ask any Malaysian drivers out there... who wouldn't be pissed at it? Even India with just a 10% increase margin has started burning flags and held rallies...

Hey government, you think our country doing as well as UK or America issit? Don't compare them to us and give an excuse that "the world is increasing the price, so must we..." Like what Mahathir said in his blog:

"Obviously our increase in petrol price is far less than in the United Kingdom or the United States. But our per capita income is about one-third of theirs. In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US." - Tun Mahathir

OUR PER CAPITA INCOME dearest badawi and his government... please understand.

The pressure for Badawi to step down is increasing... what happens when it reaches boiling point? As quoted in Wikipedia ( ):

"Mahathir announced his resignation from UMNO on 19th May 2008 before 1,000 Kedah UMNO members in Alor Setar and urged other members to follow suit as a way of pressuring Abdullah to step down. However, he resists to join any other party and would only rejoin UMNO after Abdullah steps down. His departure raises the possibility of large-scale desertions by loyalists, which could split the party and bring down the government."

My rant on petrol price increase... I hope I won't be caught by the ISA or something. Scary huh with such draconian laws... anyway I'm not the only one ranting on the net and blogs... It is sometimes when you reach a certain point you can't hold back the words in your head. I have more... actually... friends who meet me knows how I talk about the current political situation now. Our country is falling behind... ain't it obvious?

Time to change... time for something to be done before things get worst.

My own point from being a leader before:

"A leader knows what to do, he gathers his members under him, and find a solution. He thinks fast, acts fast, seeks help fast, and do all that is needed for his team to win and flourish. If he fails, he take full accountability of it, admitting his mistakes and accept punishment. "

"His team members has every right to rebuke him, correct him, and even voice their opinion to him... even when it will directly affect his image. A good leader will embrace all these opinions and change for the better. He is not shaken, afraid, or in denying of these facts."

"A lousy leader should by all means know himself... avoid the path of a leader and be happy as being a follower. He should know his own limits, his inability to cope, and move aside. Such is a wise person who allows the stronger to do what he cannot. It is for the better of things, not worse..."

A team lead for every group assignments since year 2 till graduate... and I know it's crazy. But that is what I learnt from being a team lead. If you can't cope, let the better person do it.

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