Thursday, June 19, 2008

SAPP leaving BN

One of the biggest headlines of yesterday and today... SAPP leaving BN, challenging Bodowi to resign and pave way for others. (from now on i'm gonna use the word bodowi instead of badawi as I have lost all respects and support for this guy)

The Headlines:

SAPP is making the first wave, a wave that they say will trigger others in following suit. Due to bodowi's super thick face and super ignorance, many ppl are getting fed up with him and thus making the ultimatum move, or taking out their ace cards, in order to topple this ridiculous person from continuing with his role as pm. Many are fed up with his 'kata-kata kosong', his sudden move in increasing oil price, his standstill projects, the cancellation of many major projects, and his stubbornness towards ppl's advice and views such as Tun Mahathir. All he wants is continue to be pm regardless of what (maybe coz he wanna show off to his new wife? no idea...) and we are fed up with his new son in law which is always glue-ing to him and becoming a parasite of the pm's position and power.

The rakyat are fed up, the news in tv and papers are all goody goody news... the government concealed them but failed, as people are unhappy in the streets. Now look, SAPP is leaving, what's next? Can bodawi continue to press on to december or maybe after that? Thus bringing BN to absolute ruins in the next general elections? Or maybe the country as well is in deep shit before the next elections...

Never in my life have I seen a leader caught himself in so many crisis and failures, yet do not give up and admit his mistakes. I'm only able to think of one description: "super thick face". It's like those people who always ask for free gifts, continue to borrow money without returning, putting others into trouble and pointing at others... yea same label as them, but worst coz he is the leader of the country that do not want to admit his mistakes and step down, irregardless if legions of malaysians have already voice all their lungs into the air and he still stands there... with glee.. holding his shoulders together and say "haha, like I care what you think of me... i'm up here and you are down there... as long i'm here you can't pull me down... haha"

So how long can he remain standing there? or the people around him protecting him, are gonna do something and 'tarik' him down too? Or do the rakyat need to take action, throwing stones at him till he bleed and suffocate... falling down and getting injured? Do not underestimate people power... once we unite, anything is possible. Recall the movie "V for Vendetta" and the thai Thaksin scenario...

We shall wait and see... the time is near.

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