Saturday, July 23, 2005

My blog is up and running soon.

Ta-da, now it looks much better...still got lots to do...finally I get some peace and quiet rather than the audience-filled spaces. This will be much more personal.

Still, it is under construction, :p

hehehe...adding a few pictures to test out the blog...this is so cool...

<-- this is me! Lol...

So about today...hmm nothing much just did some studies. Well before that had a wonderful EGM meeting with the other LOTN members in C 1.3.

Below are the things I am appointed to do:


It's gonna be a hell lots of things to do when I get back. Will be on Wednesday when I finally depart back to my home Kuantan. Darn I miss it sooooo much.

Allrite. Have a great weekend. (Sounds as if I am wishing myself, which is cool, making this blog more personal and a place reserve for those close to me and myself as well.)

Thanks. You are the reason why I am still here, alive and full of enthusiasm of life. ;D

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