Saturday, July 30, 2005

Day is Saturday...seems like I'm losing track of time...

Feel like life is moving faster than a river, more like pipe water being wasted away. Still I enjoy every moment of my holiday, espcially being with my mum. She is sweeet and have cooked up lots of delicious meals even though I'm having a bad toothache. Darn, I didn't know what I ate to deserve this. Pain on my left inner side of my jaw, which makes me feel like crying each time I chew my food. T.T

Going for my 2nd appoinment with my dentist, who told me I have to remove my wisdom tooth, or the pain will continue to persist. Oh God, just remove it and ease my terrible terrible pain...

Nothing much to write...except for the tooth incident, darn it will cost my mum RM 245 dollars just to remove it. *sweat.

Here is a cute pic to remind me of the dentist:

And a scarry one too, omg omg...:

Lol...that is scary...Do pray for me for the appoinment with the dentist. Let's hope everything will run well, or I'm gonna shout :"Heeeeeeeeeelp!!!"

Alios ;)

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two.creatures said...

u gonna remove that dave?? omg.. wheres the wisdom left then? hehe.. its just a tooth dave. get over it!