Monday, July 25, 2005

A Monday morning

*yawn...looks at the time, gosh it's already 10am. Exam will began at 10.30am. I wish it is over already.

Had some suggestions from a friend, he said that this blog needs some "ingredients". Lol lol, will put in more, just gimme some time, all I need are those links and html codes, as well as some photo album.

Today is gonna be a busy day. Yet, which Monday is not?

Things in me are not going too well, especially my desire for love. It is just like a fire getting bigger and bigger, yet I know I must wait, love doesn't come easily, it needs time when I will finally meet the right one. Now I guess it's better to wait at the fire waiting for the marshmallow to be toasted, rather than eating it. That is how I view dating right now, when it is not the right time, don't go for it, things may get bad...

My heart longs for that someone where I can share my love with. Someone I can talk to and share my life, thoughts, good times and bad. Loneliness just creeps from no where, even when I just sit down and keeping myself busy, it just haunts me. I pray that He will help me out in this, and I believe all this happens for a reason.

I will stay strong, but never giving up in love. The greatest love that I have now is Christ's love, which in Him I do not even need the love of others, for in him I am satisfied.

Coz of all this that is going on in my mind, thus I wrote this poem:

My desire for love
Life is not all it seems,
Even now when I am single and lonely,
I feel troubled by the need to have that someone,
That someone to share my life with,
To love and to care for that person,
Without hoping for anything in return.
I have that feeling,
That soon love will find me,
I don't know where and when,
But I am sure when it does,
I will do what is right and what God wills for me,
And of course to treat the person like my own,
To be with her through good times and bad times.
I wonder how long I will taste this gift,
This gift of being single,
Having all the freedom that I am blessed with,
But I would rather sacrifice freedom,
And to be with the one I love.
I will wait,
Continue waiting...
Till the day that someone that I love,
Will accept the love that I shall give.
~The End~

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