Sunday, August 03, 2008

been mia

mia... stands for Missing in Action.

and I'm mia once again... after so long.

hard to find time to blog and to update my routine-d life = work + things to settle

sigh... <--- v common word associated with my company.

free <-- seldom associated

on the brink of losing my sanity... but thanks to some cigs i've manage to remain sane... high stress at times (and them keep coming back to hit u) just melts you off when you don't need it...

missed pauline... kinda feel it now. Lim's administration has a totally different style.

Life goes on... and i'm still hopelessly single... till god knows when. Seems like i'm chasing after the wind...

that's all... my updates on my small dot of life. How insignificant it is.

Hope things would get better for me... at a personal level.

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