Monday, March 13, 2006

Ok, sorry for being away

Typing this coz recently foudn out there ARE readers out there. Hoho, and I thought my blog was dead, without people actually caring whether it has new posts or not.

Was away, coz can't figure what to type here, and couldn't care less anyway, much like a need to just stay away from blogging awhile.

Ok so now I'm back. Back from the usal group meet-ups, doing those group asignments, pondering on the final year project.( yea wondering when I'm gonna have a first meeting with Ms. Kwong, my project supervisor) And grr really irritated by what Ms. Sherly said where all our indsutrial training have to be within Klang Valley, which is utter bullshit. Didn't see our seniors adhering to that rule.

I just wanna finish this term, my LAST term in class, and get da hell out of here. (Well at least R&D won't be that bad id I landed in there anyhow).

Gosh, sunway sunway, I mean SCT SCT... can't you be just a tad better in making students happier and their lives easier?

Aiming for that Intel job, still making it come true. Gonna get there someday.

Presentation tomorrow, just wanna go there and talk fux...I'm so used to it it's like nothing already. to doing some work and gg... nite nitey....

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