Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The recent days

Much have happened since my move to sunway. Studying her for more than 2 years and the hald, truly much have happened. Meeting new people, making new friends. Even fake friends that never last, enemies, those hi-bye friends, etc...the list go on.

Something been somewhat troubling me lately, making me have a diffrent perspective. Seems like sometimes those who are not that welcomed by others make better friends, while those in a "gang" all the time, seem to be fake all along. I don't really know till recently, realising that fake friends might just all along be there, the corner where you think they're real.

And it seems and proofs itself, it never lasts...

It bothers me as I see they change, becoming diffrent persons which diffrent personas and personalities. Gradually I lost the essence of our friendship when we first started it. When things were like welcoming and warm. Like what they say, "the tiger gradually reveal it stripes". True to the fact that they might be actually hating or disliking you all along, wearing that mask that says that they are you're their friend, when underneath may be full of faces I rather not see, backstabbing when you're not around and even more of the unseen, the hatred which is felt so much when you're near them, gradually revealing itself.

Such doesn't explain that I'm a bad person. Which I'm not. I see it as how others view it in life. Having the wrong perspective, thinking, having the absolute of what is right, cool, uncool etc, having the view of the person, all these can't be hidden through their actions and speech. They have lost the touch of failing to see what is truly in that person and what makes him inside, the good that is all along there. Yet they conceal, hoping one day that person wouldn't realise "they" think that he practically sucks.

And it seems, I'm being one of them recently.

And it bothers me, coz it only happened to only one group of my friends, and that group has been to closest ever since. And funny, it didn't happened between me and my other friends even in Sunway. And after much thought, it seems rather they view others that matters.

Well, life goes on, and friends often don't last forever. I make new friends, and move on too, growing and becoming the real man that one day I ought to be. Sometimes, it seems friends who doesn't hate you or discriminate you, are the best friends after all, even other may still say you suck...

It is love that makes a friendship, and it is hatred that crumbles it...

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Anonymous said...

first of all, comments arent "lovely".

so shyt happens, deal with it. its not like no one will never experience this at least once in their life.