Saturday, December 25, 2010

disconnecting my blog to FB (and Merry Xmas post!)

Decided to throw down the axe today... FB is just too public to allow fresh live streams go to it with every update that I post up.

Was figuring why I had posted so much less, and thus have came to the conclusion that FB had a thing to do with it. (you can actually sync your blog to notes by putting your blog address there) Don't wanna go into details but the fact that it did made me feel insecure posting stuffs up.

Will start updating again, hopefully by doing the above will encourage me to blog more.

Btw, it's 25th December 2010. Year coming to an end soon. Merry Christmas everyone!!

^too many times we forget that Christmas is about Jesus and nothing else. Happy B'day Jesus, thank you for coming into this world and making such a big change outta it. =) ^

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