Sunday, October 10, 2010

yo peeps i've been missing again xD

Ok ok... i'll try post more often now..

Been on a new job, and guess I didn't had the mood or know what to type.

So latest update is I just got a job at Laureate (which I figure better to announce later since I'm neeeww...)

Laureate is an MNC company, having universities and colleges all around the world. Started with a few people having owned this tuition company which was huge in the US, and grown to such a big capital that they went and invest in buying universities instead... now they have many many institutions all around the world... all making alot of $$. (Education is prized and needed everywhere, especially when it's good tertiary education?). So the end of it was that the Laureate business overtook the tuition business (which was a different name) and ultimately became the core of the company.

(oh wow the wikipedia version of it is sad zz... hope will improve soon:

Currently my job is to support the internal staff globally on whatever IT issues that they have. The part I don't like that much is that we had to process many of the new hires tickets... and they can be like WHOA, THAT MANY? no choice bro... someone have to do it =D *put a smiling face and clean it up* We did brought this up and it's in the process of being automated or made easier... soon, and hopefully...

We're a team of 4 currently, including my manager. So since it's less than a year we're all pioneers and starters of it. Basically me and Tan does most of the ticketing while Luke and Kelvin will be full time with the execs in Inti (the Laureate regional office is based there, our office is not.. our's is somewhere along the shops opposite Asia Cafe).

Yeah, and I got a blackberry for the first time being on the job.. isn't that awesome or wat?

Our company is still "codename" IGT.. which will change soon, hopefully (too)... coz telling ppl u are from IGT is like, "what's IGT?" "what do they do?" yada-yada *yawn*

And hopefully we get parking claims, and our own medical card too, so we can see docs without first needing to pay it... NOT convenient, uh-huuh...

So u see... i'm very careful about what I type above.. ALWAYS be very careful bout what you type in regards to your company, OK? stay outta trouble from legal, HR, your manager and all sorts... ppl can spy when u least know it. Anyhow, u're still working there right? Who pays the bill? Your current company right? So that's why I always ask ppl to STFU and work... if don't like no need to make a big fuss and noise bout it, be wise and prepare to leave silently.

this is the global site:

as you can see, this is the amount of institutions they own:

"There's a bright future working here... " - always heard that from somewhere... so I'll hang on for the time being and see where this brings me. =)

Good luck and all the best in your careers too =)

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