Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pics update

Manage to figure out that you don't need the software to connect to the phone. So here I am now at the CC, and below are the wonderful pics from my training so far here:
The Hotel

View From the window (I later realised I had one of the best views from Pyramid Tower hotel)

View from my window during the day.

Cozy bedroom

The Cafe where we have our complimentary breakfast every morning.

Training at Maxis Academy

Maxis Tagline: WE DO IT BETTER! (Mwahaha, evil laughter, =P lol)

Some of "teh gang" in training

The semangat of presentation

The leng luis and leng chais

Killing time... don't play play with their uno skills! Losers have to belanja makan one!
Hansel and Mark Anthony Hendriks (not Britney's ex mind u, lol).

The very busy people in Maxis Call center. This might be the people who pick up your call when you dial 123(maxis helpline)!!

Last but not least, me!

Ok! Done with the pictures. Gosh they do look good.

Finally, my dream of posting pics from my own camera have came true. True Bliss.

The End.

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