Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunway Training Overall

Didn't want to update at first...but what the heck, suddenly felt the compulsion to scrabble some stuff.

I've got a lot of new pictures on my phones here training at Sunway Maxis, gonna upload it. So so can't wait to get home and try on all the stuffs I've bought.

It was hell of a trip for 3 weeks. Taking breakfast everyday at Sunway Pyramid Tower...how am I gonna forget it... it's the longest breakfast marathon for 3 weeks ever. Waking up everyday to the same food in the hotel. Lunch and dinner are usuals, eating out or tapao-ing...but most of all, I miss mum's home cooked food. So much of outside luxury (ajinomoto+msg) just makes me sick at times.

But it's not all that bad...well maybe I'm a homely sort of guy where I need my own "real" space where I can decorate and put stuff in it rather then a hotel where many stuffs are missing from my convenience. (seriously of all stuffs, I miss my computer most. Haha.)

Life in KL can be tough. Spending here is a norm. Food is expensive. Everything is.

I miss Kuantan, even just for 3 weeks, it can be suffoscating to see my money run dry for nothing.

Heading home this Friday.

Ciao KL. I won't be missing you.

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