Thursday, June 15, 2006

For sheryl

Just wanna tell you how much I love you...
The very moments we spent together,
You and Me,
And everything else,
Seems so perfect,
That I hope it could be forever.
I would never leave you,
Nor could I ever forget you.
I hope to be with you everyday every second of my life,
For just being with you give me the joys,
That I could find nowhere.
For you always ask,
Why do I love you?
The answer is...
It is because you mean so much to me,
More then money, time or jewels...
Your smile, words, actions,
Just melts me to the ground,
Like a snowman...
In the summer....
And it's because you love me so much,
That I love you much more...
And it's because it seems we are meant for each other,
That I love you this much...
And it's because of the 10000000 other reasons,
Which I cannot explain..
So dear, I wanna tell you that...
I love you...
From the bottom of my heart,
From the depths of my soul,
From the very words I speak,
From the very actions I do...
It's all because,

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