Monday, June 05, 2006


Tuesday and Wednesday is the big day...

huhu...i'm so gonna...


Just wanna finish this and enjoy the rest of my break after that.

Nite ppl.


For sheryl, I forgot to tell you I have the talent to write poems, so here's one for ya ;)

A poem for Sheryl:

The girl with the "S",
Not some Supermen from Smallville,
But a girl simple girl name Sheryl,
Someone whom is sweet and lovely...
From no where she came to my life,
through some accident where I added her..
Our friendship grew,
So do our feelings for one another.
The person she is,
Just gives me the joy of knowing her...
I'm with smiles each time I chat with her,
sms or even call her.
A person of care, love and understanding.
Someone so alike me,
in many ways that I'm awe to know her...
Well, I just wanna let you know, Sheryl,
That I'm there for you always,
As you are someone special to me.
May you be as sweet always!


Anonymous said...

wat a luvly poem~~ thanks~, david!

David said...

haha you're welcome! ;)