Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Most likely getting an internship at Intel, the place where my eldest sis work. I'm hoping so much for it, and finally it came true now.

The interview was hard, professional, and serious at the same time light hearted. The clothes they wear, jeans and shirts, typical IT employees in a company. Yet the words they speak, just show you how small you can be as a fresh graduate.

Waiting for their 2nd confirmation soon. Thanks to those who have encourage me and have advise me not to give up on it. I was really thinking I'll not get it after the face to face interview...

Here are some of the questions they asked:
"Can you tell us more about yourself?(technical background)"

"We know that your sis works here, so what did she said about Intel? What do you personally think about this company?"

"If you were to implement a banking system, what are the problem that you will face?"

"If it's security, how do you fix that?"

"You mentioned here you went for a student development program, how did the critical thinking helped you?"

"How do you keep up with the latest IT technology? Can name us a few?"

"What are your most favourite subjects? And why?"

"How are you going to structure your project using VB?"

"So you are doing a cinema ticket purchasing kiosk, how are you going to enable multiple users? That it will not clash with other users at the same time?"

The lady finally told me:"Don't blame us, your sis asked us to shoot you as many questions as we can..."

And we all ended up laughing, lol.

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