Saturday, May 06, 2006


Qbar till 2.30am yesterday. I don't usually clubbing, but somehow something popped up and I went. Had my first real dance in a club, which usually I'm too shy to do so...I would just sit there miserably and watch everyone dance, which is kinda, depressing.

Had a great time, and learn some moves from my friend. Yea, I know Qbar sux, with its bad variety of songs sometimes. One day, maybe we'll go Bangsar? Hmm...

I find clubbing ok, as long as you mix with those you know, and go with your friends. I've seen strangers talking to strangers, guys to girls that they don't know, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. Which club doesn't have that anyway? As they say, most ppl go to clubs to find sex, which is rather true.

But dancing! Makes you lose those joints and gives you a good sleep with that tired bones of yours. And haha yea, looking at those "cun" chicks is rather nice, but roy disagree, saying college chicks are more cun, especially those in the pools, lolness.


And yea about SCT nite, don't ask me about it, it really sux to the max, period.


Starting my Saturday, probably with assignments as usual... :)

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