Sunday, July 25, 2010


Roy Tan migrated to KL (previously he's in Malacca).. and life started changing wahaha...

went out to drinks, shopping, movies and stuff with da dude. He was my roomate last time in Sunway College... and darn have we change through these 3 years haha... still adjusting and fitting with each other. Yet, like what old sayings said, "old friends, tho apart, will still be close coz of the memories together.. even if they'd change they'll still be good friends."

His profile:


On another hand...

Met someone that I loved... someone that might be real this time. Let's hope so. I wanna disclose more but I feel it's more suitable to do so at a later time. (not as simple as it seems)


Gonna start new job next month, around 18th... can't wait!!!


I had a new car few mths back, and I shall officially announce it... guess what car is it? Hehe =P


Since mum moved up to KL to live, life has been changing for me.. need to adapt to the less privacy that I once had... yet many things are easier for me now with her helping me in housework chores. I love you mum!! thank u for all u do!! (tho she might not hear this coz she's not IT savvy... xD )


New comp = alot of games being completed @@

just completed a few in my lists, considered it a feat:
1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2. Transformers: War on Cybertron
3. Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic

And now, officially hooked to:
League of Legends (a dota like game, played online, DC-free, free of W3 engine with many heroes, runes, summoner powers to combine with)

My username: MarkXKiller (US server, add me if you're playing too)



Less wastage of money please... Need to have a better budget.

petrol price increase, dammit!! ARGGhhhh like I dont have enough expenditure to bog me down already >.<""""


End ... phew that was a swift chain of updates! LOL

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