Sunday, June 06, 2010


Thanks for all that have celebrated and remembered my birthday (ok tho i know FB has that b'day reminder thing.. yet being this close and wishing me, I really appreciate it)

Thanks to mum for getting me a new spec, lovin' it! been using the previous for 3 years already..

Thanks to Didie, Alex, Mahen and their GFs for going out yest for that movie and awesome dinner! (tho i admit i picked the wrong movie la.. Nanny McPhee was for kids! xD )

I was shocked to see that huge choc cake coming when the TGI Fridays crew came and sing the bday song... a secret recipe choc fudge cake... awesomely big and we only manage to finish half of it xD Super full b'day dinner. The medium-rare steak (best cooking way I feel to eat a steak) was very good, the rest had steaks too or some burger/caesar salad.

Enjoyed it alot with you guys... can actually sit down once more, chat and bincang like some old time friends. Hard to find such colleagues that can click with you so much!

Went to clubbing at Laundry after that. Dinesh joined us (another close ex BAT colleague) and we had parteh!! DJ Fuss was good.. but i sorta felt drowsy and had to excuse myself after that.. (we really ordered a lot of classic cocktails like Long Island and Borneo Knock Out) The music near the end was really too much for me to take (we were sitting near the stage and it was REAL LOUD. Went out twice just to sit by myself to get some peace...

If I weren't working on that day things would be more enjoyable.. half the energy went to work adi.. but still thanks alot buddies! hope for a next outing soon...

And thanks all for the wish at FB and SMS... Hope to keep in touch and may we be friends till the end! :D

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