Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday April 30th 2006

Been to Kenneth's wedding last night, which was to me, the best wedding dinner I've ever attended. The crowd was great, the programmes were great, the food was awesome, and Kenneth and Natasha was perfect for each other.

Kenneth, being my friend when he was working here in the ISO, have truly help shape our cellgroup LOTN from its very beginning. He has touched the lives of many, with his guidance, help, generousity and also laughter! He's such a funny guy, with lots of sense of humour. I joined LOTN with he as leader, and with Meity, Else, Ella, Prita, and also a few others. And look now at LOTN, the largest cg in Lifeline with around 40+ members altogether. God has truly blessed us! And all these wouldn't been accomplished without Kenneth.

I'm really glad he found his soulmate at last, which his age reaching 30+, it's really high time to...

We had lots of fun last night, and I drank a bit too much, till I ended up red. Let me see, among my friends, Halim, Jacinta, Dede, Pei Pei, Ferdinand, Angga, and even Mr Kenneth all was saying I looked so red! Haha...I went to the bathroom and was kinda shocked, this proves that I'm a really bad drinker. I took sips of wine and beer and such an effect took place, lolness...

We arrived home around 12.30am. Such a wonderful night.

Going off to church soon. Ta.

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